Prevent a Hangover Ancient Egyptian Style


New Year’s seems like a time of resolutions and big insights (or not) into the past and dreams for the future. Some of us just don’t want to get too drunk or sick at tonight’s party. So to add some levity (and much needed humor) this New Year’s Eve, learn how to prevent getting a hangover according to the Ancient Egyptians!

Use this spell on your beer:

Ancient Egyptian Magical Texts, translated by J. F. Borghouts, offers this spell to cure what ails you.

Hail to you Lady of Hetepet (Hathor, goddess of drunkenness)! There is no restraining Seth when he has set his heart on conquering a heart in that name of his of “Beer,” to confuse a heart, to conquer the heart of an enemy, a fiend, a male ghost, a female ghost, etc. This spell is said during the drinking of beer; to be spat up. Truly effective, (proved) millions of times!

Millions of satisfied (drunk) customers? Who knows? I do have a bottle of red wine I’m offering to Sekhmet tonight (I’m sure She’ll love it.) Regardless I’ll be drinking on a full stomach chased with lots of water just to be on the safe side!

Here’s the original post which includes truly nasty hangover recipes and cures from the ancient world from Greece to Mesopotamia. Makes you almost not want to bother drinking if you’d have to eat raw owl eggs and fried canary to “cure” your hangover.


The Broken Scorpion

I recently bought a statue of Serqet, a replica of the goddess’s statue in Tutankhamun’s tomb. The statue already had lost her scorpion, but she was beautiful so I purchased her anyway. When I received the package it wasn’t encased in foam like many statues, but was wrapped like a mummy with newspaper and packing tape. It would have been more fitting to open a statue of Osiris that way!

As I finally freed her from her newspaper wrappings, however, I heard something rattling inside.

No, it wasn’t a scorpion.

One of her arms had broken off at the elbow while the base had broken clean away from the statue at the ankles. I thought about returning the statue, but then I became determined to mend it. I was certain I could fix her. It was time I had to fix my desktop statue of Isis anyway who had lost her crown during a recent drop from her file cabinet perch.

Some people swear by Goop, but I used jeweler’s epoxy which takes awhile to set, but it doesn’t stink up the house.

I mixed the resin (red tube) with the hardener (black tube) and started with the easy project, attaching Isis’s crown.


I had to hold the crown in place while the glue set (about 5 minutes). During that time I started an impromptu crowning prayer to Isis. The Catholics have a crowning ceremony to the Virgin Mary statue in May so I used this as my way to “crown” Isis.


I crown you, O Isis

My Mother

My Queen

My Goddess

Great is your love

For all your children.

Receive your crown

From your daughter

As a sign of my devotion

And love for You.

I didn’t have a prayer for Serqet as I tried to fix her statue. It was very tricky and I needed all my concentration not to botch it up. I first attached her arm and held the statue and her forearm for at least 10 minutes. As the minutes ticked by and I grew impatient for the glue to dry; I started a meditation. I thought about how countless other statues were broken by time and religious fanaticism. We have the capacity to destroy many beautiful things, but also we have the power to mend what was broken.

As Kemetics we are searching through the pieces left by time. We try to put them back together, but some of the pieces are still missing. Instead of abandoning the broken pieces, we instead start mending, add our own unique blend – a glue so to speak – that wasn’t authentic to the ancients but speaks to us. We bring our culture, our history and our personalities to our worship and our relationship with the gods.

Finally I let go of Serqet’s arm (and it held). I thought about how through the Kemetic faith the gods are finally able to reach out to us. They have arms in which to embrace us and hands to touch our lives again. As I went on to attach the rest of the statue to the base I thought of how they have feet on the Earth again and have a presence in this world through us.

Here is the end result:


Kemetics – mending what was broken 2,000 years ago.

My Epigomenal Days; Isis & the Winter Solstice


A very warm, peaceful, sacred, and Happy Winter Solstice to you all.

This is most definitely not the time of the ancient Egyptian end-of-the-year epigomenal days. However, from Winter Solstice to the New Year are my epigomenal days—not only because these are the end-of-year days of our modern calendar, but also because I am on much-needed vacation from now until the beginning of next year.

That being the case, let’s talk a bit about the epigomenal days, including some ways to celebrate the end of the year with Isis.

Since today is the solstice, you might invoke Isis the Mother and celebrate the birth of Her Holy Child Horus. If you missed the post about Horus’ winter solstice birth from a couple weeks ago, you can read all about that here. Since both Isis and Horus are especially known as protective Deities, you could ask Their protection for yourself…

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Isis – Mistress of Magic (Part 2 of 2)



Working with Isis

 As a magician I have found honouring Isis through Heka (magic in the Ancient Egyptian tradition of Kemetism) has benefited my life immensely.  Having being called into service by Isis as my first and foremost Patron I have come to learn her multifaceted approach to working with Heka can be used in this modern day from things relating to prosperity, health, protection, success and love.

In part 1 of this blog post, I have just touched upon the magnificence that is Isis, Mistress of Magic and I encourage you to further get to know her more intimately through her myths as well as honouring her in ritual and the practice of magic in her name.

Simple Invocation and Ritual to Isis Mistress of Magic

Start this rite just before sunset.

Altar faces east and has some unlit incense, a blue candle, anointing oil, a bowl of…

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A Sign of Stability: The Djed

The Twisted Rope

If there is any symbol that has become synonymous with Osiris it is the Djed pillar. The connection between Osiris and the djed became so important that by the New Kingdom, the deity would often be shown as a djed entirely.

But what is the history of this symbol? What can we learn about Osiris through the djed?

Early Origins

According to Griffiths (pg 41), the djed wasn’t originally tied to Osiris. It was its own symbol before it got sucked into the Osirian cult. It is believed that the djed was originally a bundle of reed stalks or papyrus that had been tied together. The four cross-bars that you see on the pillar are considered to be papyrus flowers that poke out from the various stalks that are tied together. It’s possible that the idea came from archaic housing methods, where the entirety of the house/tent rested upon a…

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When Your Prayers Are Answered


This month has been full of surprises, most of which involve prayers I didn’t expect would be answered at all. If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know I come from a Catholic background. During my seven years as a Catholic I’ve petitioned countless saints, asked Mary and of course prayed to Jesus. I’m sad to say hardly any of my prayers were answered. So when I came to Isis I had a little skepticism. I believed She heard me; I just didn’t expect an answer.

I’ll tell you a little about what I prayed for and how they were answered. It’s a testament to Isis’s love for us and that indeed She hears the prayers of all Her children.

Recently my writing business hit a bad dry spell. No customers and the phones were quiet. I started to lose hope that perhaps running my own business was the best career move. I asked Isis for help. I received a phone call the next day and almost instantly landed a new client.

I also noticed a difference in my self esteem and my desire to achieve. Before contacting the Netjeru I was pretty depressed, feeling helpless and figured what was the point? Then I felt some of my depression lift and felt a renewed sense of purpose. I had to do something. I have to say Djehuty helped me a good deal. After my prayer to Him (and I placed His statue next to my writing table) I’ve written every day and a lot more than I ever did in a month.

Also I’m going to mention the long-shot prayer. When I first prayed to Isis and gave Her an offering I asked for something I thought was well out of my reach. I was single for many years and believed there wasn’t anyone for me. I’d gone on many dating websites and went on a few dates, but nothing ever clicked. So I asked Isis (certainly believing there was no answer to this prayer) that if there was someone for me She’d send him my way.

Shortly after I felt like I needed to sign up on a dating website I’d never been on before. Then I met my boyfriend who seemed so uncannily like me in both interests and personality we seemed made for each other.

It really is surprising what She can accomplish and how the gods look after us. I notice that that many of the prayers require action on our part, but when we need that extra cosmic energy flowing in our direction the gods are there to help us.

I’d love to read about how the gods have answered your prayers. Do you have any stories you want to share?

A Vision of the Blue Goddess

I normally don’t get mental images when I’m praying. But last night I saw a sudden, clear and beautiful vision. It also was completely unexpected. It’s left me puzzling about what I saw. Perhaps you can help clue me in, but I thought it best to give you an idea what’s going on my life. It might shed some light on what I saw.

It’s been a rough couple of days for me. I was sick shortly after Thanksgiving weekend. This meant I was pretty limited in my devotions and even lazier when it came to writing. I also started to tentatively test the waters of online dating again. Perhaps it was fueled by loneliness or a belief I should be with someone.

Regardless I struck up an e-mail conversation with someone on the online dating site. It went well, but then he became pushy and insistent on meeting up. I’ve been dragging my feet and feeling something is not quite right about this person. Granted, he isn’t creepy, but there’s some negative energy surrounding him.

I had a real heart-to-heart chat with Isis last night. I didn’t feel the presence of Isis coming from any my statues. It seemed to emanate from the beautiful papyrus painting of Isis with the throne glyph. I asked her about the person I considered giving a date to. After some silence of being in her presence I felt the emphatic reply, “No.”

I also felt this was the best decision somehow and thanked Isis for her advice. Even an hour after prayers I still felt her powerful peaceful and loving presence still in the room. When I went to close my eyes I saw a very clear and brilliant image. I saw a woman in brilliant, shining blue dress. Her hair was black but with a tint of blue and a blue light seemed to shine from around her head. She was floating near the clouds as the light reflected off of them. She also had a crescent moon crown on the top of her head.

At first I thought it was Isis, but somehow she felt different. I checked online and wondered if who I saw was Hekate.


This looked a little like her, especially the crown which lacked the sun disk of Isis. This one statue of Hekate shows her wearing a bright blue gown although I believe this isn’t a traditional view of the goddess but more a modern interpretation.


This was very odd as I didn’t pray to Hekate or ask for her help. She didn’t appear scary or forbidding as I think this statue makes her. The blue goddess looked more natural, brilliant and unnaturally beautiful and free as she floated below the clouds.

What are your thoughts? Was it Hekate or Isis in another form?